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Photo Manipulations means combining parts from different pictures and making one compact picture. Making all parts to fit with each other and to get the final result.

Model – Stockby PoisonIvy55
Background – Premade Background 700by AshenSorrow
Crows – Wings11 2013by FrankAndCarySTOCK
– Cut-out stock PNG 69 – walking crowby Momotte2stocks
– Jackdaw8by FrankAndCarySTOCK
Textures  – Antic dreamby kerast
– Nebula stock 24by JennyLe88
Skull – Human Skull 48by Pronus
Dry rose – dried flower rose precut pngby Nexu4
Book – Stock Pack – Open Booksby kuschelirmel-stock
Circle brushes – Arcane Circles-Symbols Brushesby redheadstock
Tree – Dead tree 04 HQby gd08
Light – Heavenly Lightby GreyGhost-STOCK
Hair – painted hair png 04by erool

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